How much time does a mentor have to give?
The minimum requirement is 6 hours every 30 days. Most mentors average weekly contact with their match, either by telephone or getting together in person.

What are the ages of the children referred to Mentor Iowa?
All of the children referred to Mentor Iowa are between the ages of 6 – 18.

What does a mentor do with a child?
Almost anything you can think of. It is important to do things with your match in a one-on-one setting but it is also suggested that you incorporate them in your regular routine. It is important to demonstrate appropriate adult/child interaction. Things like preparing dinner together and cleaning up afterwards, washing the car, gardening or taking a walk are excellent examples of activities in which to include your mentee. Mentor Iowa also sponsors group events each month that you and your mentee can attend for free.

How is the child assigned to me?
After the volunteer completes training and screening, the Volunteer Coordinator contacts the volunteer to get an idea of what kind of child the volunteer wants to work with. The volunteer will then get to look at the profiles of 3-4 children matching his/her interests. The volunteer will have access to all information that Mentor Iowa has regarding each child, so they are able to make the most informed decision possible. The volunteer always makes the final decision on the child they will work with.

How is the match made?
Once the volunteer has chosen a child to work with, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact the child’s parent/guardian to set up a “Match Meeting.” Those present at the meeting include the Volunteer Coordinator, mentor, child and parent/guardian. At this meeting, the program is reviewed, rules are discussed and all questions are answered. Once everyone feels comfortable, the Volunteer Coordinator leaves to allow the mentor to establish more of a bond with the child and their family. This is also a great time to set up the first outing between the mentor and their mentee. The entire match appointment takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the living situation of the children involved in Mentor Iowa?

5% – Both Parents

53% – Live in single parent homes

3% – Are in foster care

26% – Are with grandparents or other relatives

5% – Are in group homes

8% – Live with adopted parents

Do you have measurable results?

(These results are obtained through Quarterly Assessments and Mentor Reporting Forms for 2021)

81%   of children referred to the program received some form of programming

83%   of mentees felt they have benefited from having a mentor

56%   of children on waiting list became matched within 6 months

88%   of matches closed on good terms

23%   of inquiries became mentors

83%   of new mentors felt they were adequately trained to be a mentor

61%   of mentors attended at least two Continuing Education Classes or Group Events